Juicer Grouping

It was great to meet many of you at the annual Wild Fire show this weekend in Bend, Oregon. I have recently relocated to La Pine from Dallas, TX, and am in the process of getting my studio up and running.

And hello to the readers of Ceramics Arts Daily...if you are finding your way to me here for the first time, I have included some information and some thoughts on glazing...you can find your way to those things using the navigation tabs above.

2016 will be a fun year for me in Ceramicsland as I get rolling again, explore new ideas, build up my inventory and start to do shows and workshops out here on the west coast. I will list them here as they coalesce.

Upcoming Shows:

Eugene, OR December 12 & 13 2015
Holiday Show at Clay Space

Upcoming Workshops:

April 2016 I will giving a workshop at COCC in Bend, OR for the Clay Guild of the Cascades. We've settled on the month, but not the dates yet, check back soon for full info.

Next summer I plan to revive my studio workshop series, and am working on a way to add a glazing componet to it. We have some house renovation to deal with before I can do this, so send positive thoughts our way...


I plan to get that up and running this week! Please buy handmade items from independent makers this holiday season. We rely on your appreciation and support to keep doing what we do.

Being the new kid at an established holiday show this past weekend made me homesick for the first time. I miss my art family and ceramasiblings back in Texas...so plan to come visit! I will take you paddleboarding on the Deschutes!

I am now located in La Pine, Oregon, and am setting up my studio.