Earth to Annie - the ceramic meanderings of Annie Chrietzberg

This Juicer Set will be in Dallas, at the University of Dallas at the Beatrice M. Haggerty for View from the Art Village: 50 Year Retrospective which opens March 24th and runs through April 28th.

You can find my online store HERE

Physical Location:

My work can be found right now in Bend, OR in the gallery at Cincer Cone Clay Center in the Old Ironworks District, 50 Scott St, Bend, OR 97702

Upcoming Shows:

Bite of Bend June 24th & 25th

Real Live Workshops 2017

April 22nd - Earth Day with Earth to Annie at Georgies in Eugene, OR
hands on workshop where the participants will make cups and a juicer!
Call 541-338-7654 to register

September 9th & 10th Workshop in Medford, OR with Clayfolk
email Carole Hayne for more info and to register

September 29th & 30th Workshop at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL email Tom Vician for more info and to register.

The Next Online Glaze Practicum will be April 5th through May 3rd, 2017
Wednesday Evenings at 5:00, West Coast Time

The glaze practicum is a session of classes where I teach the technical tips and tricks that I have learned over the 26 years that I have been doing ceramics and making glazes. It is guided tour through what can seem like a daunting endeavor. As a teacher, I simplify the complex, and I lead a path through the unending and contradictory information about glaze making, teaching my methodologies and my understanding of how to get good glaze surfaces. Basically, I show you what works for me, exactly the steps I have taken to develop my own glaze palette.
When we meet on Wednesday evenings via Skype, I will give a lesson and everyone will have the chance to ask questions and ask for further explanation in real time. I will also put up an online classroom on an app called Slack, which is free. The online classroom is the place where I will post all the goodies: the documents and charts and recipes that participants can download and print up. As a participant, you can post questions for me there whenever they occur, have discussions with your classmates, and post pictures of your glaze tests as they come out of the kiln. It will be a super-supportive and encouraging environment.

click here for more info and to register
email me with any questions

I am now located in Bend, Oregon.