For my next tricks:

1. A Week-long Online Workshop July 8 - 12! Demos begin at 10am Pacific Time every morning.

Join me online as I make a teapot, cups, plates, bowls and other things
for my neighbor’s new tiny house.

As always, I will take everyone through all the projects step-by-step, provide templates, answer questions, demonstrate throughout the days, and provide extras as I think of them.

Like the January 2024 Cups Class, all content will stay in the Facebook group for participants to review se they wish.
There will be demos starting at 10am Pacific Time every day, and throughout the day as I make, including the steps that I go through with the pots on as they are drying.

And then I will pop back in for kiln loading, glazing and firing when it’s time for those steps!

2. Spend a weekend with me in person at the Oceanside Pottery Club in SoCal! September 7th & 8th, 2024

Earth to Annie - the ceramic meanderings of Annie Chrietzberg

You can always see what I am currently up to by scrolling my Instagram feed

I have video tutorials available for download here

Wishing you all wellness and happiness, from Bend, OR.